What is engoi.com?

engoi.com is a website designed to help you learn a foreign language. You can choose your native language and the language you are learning, then choose a list of words to learn. engoi.com can help you to build up a good vocabulary in your chosen language.

How does the learning page work?

  • One word or phrase is picked at random, and you are asked to give the translation.
  • If you answer it correctly the first time, another phrase will be selected at random.
  • If you answer it wrongly, you are corrected and immediately asked again. Once it is correct, you will move on to another phrase. After 5 more goes, we will return to it, to see if you can remember it, and again after 10. Once you have answered correctly 3 times, you won’t be asked again.
  • So you can either “learn” a phrase by answering correctly the very first time, or by answering correctly three times in a row.
  • And so on until you have learned them all.

How does the audio work?

You can now hear recordings of the words and phrases you are learning. We are making the recordings, which are all made by native speakers, langauge by language. These are the ones we have done so far.

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Romanian