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Want to take an Education Loan?

We understand the problems of students in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, and we know that the students find it difficult to pay their tuition fees for a year. And according to a survey, the universities are charging around $10,000 for one academic year in Singapore. Therefore, some students prefer going overseas to complete their studies. In this situation, they need financial support to accommodate their living costs.

The students often go the banks and other financial institutions to get a loan for their education. Let’s take a look at a few things you must know before taking the education loan.

Interest Rate

It’s important to know the interest rates never remain the same. And the concept of “branded” or “premium” education loan is fake. So, there is no need to rely on the old and outdated recommendations of other people and try to conduct your research to conclude.

What type of Loan?

The education loans are divided into two major categories known as monthly rest and flat rate. In the case of monthly rest, the lender will use the reduced balances each month to calculate the interest rate. Monthly rest is often considered to be a better option than a fixed rate. But it’s the responsibility of the borrower to figure out which plan is more suitable for them. But the interest rate for flat rate loans is calculated at the start your loan.

Paying Back the Loan

The duration for paying back the loan is different. Sometimes, the payback duration is as short as one year. And sometimes the payback period is extended to ten years. Similarly, the payment schemes offered by different banks may also vary. These can include the following:

  • Monthly payments start right after the loan is disbursed
  • Pay a minimal amount of full installments before the course ends
  • Pay only the interest until the course ends
  • Don’t pay anything before the completion of the course